The authentic tonkatsu restaurant
'Tonkatsu Shimizu' in Iida City.

A restaurant known for its delicious tonkatsu, hamburger steak, and large shrimp fry. The calm atmosphere of the restaurant is suitable for both everyday use and special occasions.


Our Commitment:

To ensure the deliciousness of our tonkatsu, we focus not only on the meat but also on breadcrumbs, frying oil, rice, and plump shrimp. From preparation and cooking to customer service, we strive to be the best tonkatsu specialty shop.


Thick-Cut Fillet Cutlet

We've breaded and fried fillet meat precooked at low temperatures!
A masterpiece that maximizes the tenderness of the fillet!

Shrimp and Fillet Cutlet (Ebi-Hire)

A greedy set combining our popular shrimp fry and fillet!
Enjoy the plump texture of shrimp and the tenderness of the fillet!

Fillet Cutlet (Hirekatsu) 

A classic menu item at our shop!
Taste the exceptionally tender fillet cutlet that can be cut with chopsticks!

Pork Loin Cutlet (Rosukatsu)

For those who want to savor the richness of fat, pork loin is the way to go!

Thousand-Layer Cutlet (Senmaikatsu)

We layer thinly sliced pork loin for a fluffy texture! Indulge in the softness of our pork loin!

Miso Katsu

Our handmade special miso sauce is drizzled over fillet cutlet!
The rich miso and light fillet meat complement each other perfectly!

Combination Hamburger Steak

We've prepared a set featuring a blend of Japanese beef and pork hamburger steak along with fillet cutlets! Recommended for those who want to enjoy both flavors!

Simmered Hamburger Steak (Nikomi Hamburg)

Made with our special demi-glace sauce! Enjoy a hot and delicious hamburger steak!

Handmade Hamburger Steak (Teuchi Hamburg)

Made with a generous 250g blend of Japanese and pork meats! Confident in both taste and size!


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